The Value Village tradition and our long history in Lethbridge are well known to long-time customers and residents. Many of our customers remember well the opening of our predecessor Hoefer and Wood at our present location in 1949 on the corner of 6 Avenue and 13 Street South. The store’s history goes back even further to 1929, when it was located across from our present-day site. New residents, however, are not as aware.

For businesses operating today, it’s imperative that a company name reflect the nature of its operations and location and to avoid confusion with any other enterprise. We’ve been located in the London Road neighbourhood for over 80 years, and are proud to use that identifier in our company name. As you are aware, the nature of our operation is greater than being a corner store: we are a food marketer that brings to our customers products from around the world. We provide variety, selection, and fresh products, and we do so while maintaining the friendliness and service that you would expect in a local market. Could we have chosen then any better name than London Road Market?

In addition to our name change, customers will experience a new look and feel to the store, and see several new productlines introduced. “Quite frankly, it was time for a change and a new look. The changes will allow us to enhance our services to ourcustomers and introduce new product lines”, states owner Duane Gurr.

London Road Market
538 - 13 st., South, Lethbridge, Alberta
Canada, T1J 2W3

The most noticeable right now is the major renovations that are being undertaken. Plans for renovations began nearly a year ago. October 31st saw the close of our post-office area so the space could be better used for our core business and to allow for better customer service. We have also been discontinuing product lines, which were slow movers so that more room can be created for new lines. Changes such as these allow us to become more focused on what we are in business for: to be a marketer for various food products and to enhance our individual services to our valued customers.


  • Automated doors (no more fighting that west wind)
  • Increased freezer space
  • New product centres for: fresh pasta, prepared foods to go, coffee and pastry bar, flowers and cards, cheeses, organic foods, bulk foods, and much, much, more.
  • Handicapped accessible washroom
  • All new equipment is made in Canada
  • Local contractors and tradesmen used on this project

The current state of under construction should be completed by February 15th. We know that it’s not always easy to do your shopping while the construction and moving of products is being undertaken. Your patience with us is most appreciated, and we thank you for your understanding. We are positive that when the work is completed, you’ll be pleased with the final result.

Some of the changes will not be seen until spring and summer. For instance, we intend to extend our market look to the outside. Plant and garden enthusiasts will have much to choose from and the option of bringing down your planting pots and filling them with potting soil and plant.

Changes to product lines are done not only to provide variety and choice but to also enhance our services to the customer. We also are responding to the special dietary needs and health concerns that have been expressed by our customers. For instance, organic foods such as Avalon Organic milks and creams are being added.

New changes include the introduction of bulk foods, fresh pasta, ice cream cakes, foods to go, and much more. If you don't have time to cook, you can stop on your way home and pick up a complete full-meal take-away ready for eating. Enhancements will also be seen in our meat, produce, and bakery departments. Our meat department will offer prepared meats ready for cooking and fresh fish on a regular basis. New cheeses will be introduced and our bakery and deli department will be offering enhanced services along with what we expect will be a very popular coffee and pastry bar.

While we’re excited and enthusiastic about the many changes we’re embarking on, what won't change is the tradition, good value, and friendly customer service that you’ve come to know and expect from us.