We're Saluting...

It's time again to pay a special tribute to our most valuable asset, you, our customer.

Throughout the year, AG Foods stores support local causes in their area that benefit the whole community.

For example, through our Community Rewards program, local AG Foods stores in small towns and cities all over British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan raised over $9250,000 since the program began.

Because of everyone’s generosity, we raised a whopping total of $330,000 during our first 7 years wit hthe program for local charities and community groups.

Our goal is to raise over $60,000 for the communities we serve in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan for our Community Rewards Program during the month of May.

We thank you and salute you for your continuing support.

London Road Market
538 - 13 st., South, Lethbridge, Alberta
Canada, T1J 2W3